Possible Disruption in Postal Services

As you may be aware, a possible labour dispute at Canada Post may result in disruptions to mail delivery services. If you submit claims and receive reimbursements and statements by mail, a postal disruption could mean significant delays. Should a postal strike occur, please consider the following options to alleviate the impact.


1. Pre‐Authorized Deposit (PAD)

With pre‐authorized deposit (PAD), your claims reimbursements can be deposited directly into your bank account. This means no waiting for a cheque to arrive in the mail. To enrol, simply login to your Plan Member Portal www.coughlin.ca and follow the easy to understand instructions. Alternatively, you can also complete and return the attached PAD by fax to 613‐231‐2345, by email at info@coughlin.ca, or you can drop it off at Coughlin’s head office


2. Pension Cheques

If Coughlin issues pension cheques to you on behalf of your former employer or plan sponsor, those cheques can be picked up at our head office location. Appropriate photo identification will be required.


3. Member Premium Payments

Member premium payments can be made using Pre‐Authorized Payment (PAP) or dropped‐off by walk‐in or at our 24 hour drop‐box at our head office. If you are not yet enrolled in the monthly pre‐authorized payment program, we strongly recommend you do so by completing the Pre‐Authorized Payment Form and submitting it to our office along with a VOID cheque in person, by email to vollife@coughlin.ca or by fax to 613‐231‐2345.


Should you have any questions please contact Coughlin at 1-888-613-1234 or at info@coughlin.ca .