Local 586 Challenge Coin

Local 586 has its own official challenge coin! These coins are truly valued possessions. They are given and received with great pride in the organizations that they represent. The following are rules to adhere to when a coin comes into your possession:



Challenge Coin Rules:

  1. Rules of the coin game must be given or explained to all new coin holders.
  2. The coin MUST be carried at all times. You can be challenged for it anywhere, at any time. You must produce it without taking more than 4 steps.
  3. The challenger must state whether a challenge is for a single drink or a round.
  4. Failure to produce a coin results in the purchase of said drink or round. Once the offender has made the purchase they can’t be challenged again.
  5. If all that are challenged produce their coins, the challenger loses and must buy drinks for all respondents.
  6. Coins cannot be loaned. If a person hands someone else their coin…it’s theirs! However if a person sets a coin down and another picks it up, that is not considered giving and the receiver is honor bound to place the coin back where it was. The examiner can’t challenge while they hold another persons coin. After negotiating a “reasonable” ransom…the examiner must return the members coin.
  7. Losing a coin does not relieve a member of their responsibilities. A new coin should be acquired at the earliest opportunity. This is especially true if your brothers and sisters know that you traditionally carry a coin.
  8. The coin should be controlled at all times. Giving a coin to anyone is like opening a fraternity to anyone. It is an honor to be given a coin, let’s keep it that way.
  9. No holes may be drilled in a coin.
  10. These rules apply to anyone who has been given, awarded or has purchased a coin or is known to be a previous coin holder.